High Density Residential Site

spruce grove high densisty residential site


  • The site is zoned R@ – Mixed Medium to High Density Residential District
  • The General Purpose of a R2 District, according to the City of Spruce Grove Land Use Bylaw C-24-12, is to accommodate a mix of medium to high density Dwelling types with the block face, in order to provide flexibility in the design and Development of neighbourhoods. This District is intended to emphasize complementary interface of Development with the street and with each other.

Project Description

  • Building D:
    • 4 storeys (102 units)
    • 102 units (26 units/ floor at 4 floors minus amenity etc.)
  • Site Area: 1.26 hectare (3.11 acre)
  • Neighbourhood: Deer Park
  • Site Location: City of Spruce Grove
  • Building E:
    • 4 storeys (66 units)
    • 66 units (17 units/ floor at 4 floors minus amenity etc.)
  • Parking Required:
    • 226 stalls required (1.2 stall/unit + 1/7 unit for visitors)
  • Parking Provided:
    • 243 stalls provided (57 surface stalls plus 186 underground stalls)
high densisty residential site
high density residential site photo
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